Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pacey turns 13

Pacey turned 13 yesterday. We celebrated with a cook out and cake. Over the weekend we went out to eat and to a movie (Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters). And to top it off John has had a long running (like over a year) bet with the boys that the first one of them that can earn $100 he would give them another $100. Pacey got that yesterday and so today he gets to get his money from John. And of course he says that he is buying himself and Ipod.

Happy birthday Pace! We love you.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to School

We are back to school here in Early county. Pacey has returned to public school and the other three are being homeschooled again. Here are their first day of school pictures.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Miles is turning 3!

Tomorrow my baby won't be a baby anymore. :( He will be a full fledged pre-schooler. Miles is definitely all boy. He loves cars, climbing, dinosaurs, legos, and anything he isn't supposed to have. He loves it when someone reads to him and he still loves to cuddle all the time. And if you want to see a spoiled child just look at him. He is so loved and cherished. His favorite toys are his brothers and his parents. I didn't realize it until Sunday night but he had never actually seen fireworks even though he was born on July 3rd. He did see them  Sunday night though and he loved them! We don't go for his 3 year check up until Friday so I don't have heights and weights but he is tall and he can't possibly weight that much either. Happy Birthday Miles Bradley!
1 day old.

1 year old
2 years old

First Fireworks 6-30-13
3 years old

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Josh!

My little blond haired, blue eyed baby boy is turning 7 tomorrow. He is a talker and he will let you know that it is his superpower given to him by God. He just finished the 1st grade and will grudgingly take on the 2nd grade in August. He likes Legos, baseball, swimming, and annoying his brothers. He will eat almost anything and will tell you whether his likes it or not without any tact behind it. He basically tells on himself most of the time. But he is also sneaky. Very sneaky. And he can tear anything apart in less than a minute. And try to get it back together again before you find out. He is all boy for sure.
Josh at 6 months old. (Before I had a digital camera so this is a picture of a picture.)

Josh this past weekend during our Father's Day Shoot. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter this year was a extra special affair because we had family from all over here. And of course my pictures did not post in order but either way these are pictures from the church Easter party and also from my family party.

Hunting eggs at Grandma's

Coloring eggs at the church party at Mawmaw's house

Hunting eggs at Mawmaw's with all our church family

The grown children started an egg fight at my family party

These two couldn't get enough of each other on Easter.

Attempts at getting family photos since we aren't together that much. The top picture is all 10 of the great- grandchildren.

And of course here are my boys.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Opening Day of Ball 2013

Josh just missed the cut off to move up to machine pitch baseball so we are still playing teeball this year. This morning the season kicked off with pictures and a game. And then unfortunately he has gotten sick this afternoon so we are again holed up in the house. But he had fun playing ball before the fever set in. Here are a few pictures.

 Miles and Delilah had to go say hey while Josh was sitting on the bench.

 And thank goodness he found the rocks and stayed in one place for the rest of the game.
Of course they are out of order. But it was a good first game. Hopefully I will remember to charge my camera battery before Tuesday so that they camera doesn't die in the second inning.